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At Over 30 Clan, we are more than just a group of gamers, we’re a community; a family. One that has grown to over 1500 members and growing every day. We cater to the adult gamers: moms, dads, veterans; everyday people who need to take a break from everyday responsibilities and enjoy gaming with like-minded folks. Although we have our favorites, this community is not dedicated to any particular game or platform. Meaning, whether you play on XBOX, PlayStation or PC – we’ve got you covered!

We’re best known for objective based games that require cooperation and communication like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Destiny, PUBG, The Division or Rainbow Six – games that fuel our collective competitive streak. While age may have slowed our fast-twitch reactions, our teamwork often overcomes gamers half our age.

All that said, being adult gamers means having a life outside of video games. This means we keep things casual and play a myriad of other genres. Shooters, fighters, racing sims, survival, strategy, tabletop, MMOs – there’s no shortage of what our community plays. Whether your speed is chill or competitive we have something for you.

Established in 2010, we are a semi private community that operates as a 501c nonprofit social club. Everyone must fill out an application to be considered. You can start that process by clicking the JOIN NOW button above. Application status is typically provided within 24 to 48 hours via the Discord app (required). Every application is vetted and voted on by our community for two reasons:

1) It’s an ice breaker. Meeting new people can be intimidating for some, this is your time to share your interests gaming or otherwise. There’s a solid chance you’re going to find folks to relate with.

2) It helps us maintain the highest quality community for everyone, which is our top priority. Situations are dealt with swiftly and justly for this reason.

So, if you’re ready to leave the trolls, squeakers and rage quitters behind or just want to find a group of gamers who remember dialup, 16-bit Mario and witnessed the birth of the internet, hit the join button above, crack open a cold one and make yourself at home.

Recent Articles

Sound BlasterX G6 Review

Sun, Aug 02 2020 : 23:39:31

As gamers we want the best experience while playing games. Whether it’s on PC, console, or shall I dare say it, mobile. We are willing to put a lot of our hard earned money on the best GPU, keyboard and monitor. Our eyes and hands are delighted cause of it. But when it comes to audio, do we shaft ourselves? Does our audio lag behind our visuals in terms of quality and experience?

TC Helicon GoXLR Streaming Mixer Review

Wed, Jul 22 2020 : 23:17:45

This is the perfect piece of audio equipment for the more advanced audio geek like myself, and is perfect for single or dual PC streaming.

Surviving the Aftermath – Update 7 – Early Access Review

Thu, May 21 2020 : 19:08:42

Surviving the Aftermath is a post apocalyptic, nuclear in nature, colony survival game with heavy emphasis on random encounters, events and gradual technology led progression. Yes, this is a concept that we are all very familiar with, many, many games have fallen into this style of raging nuclear devastation on a global scale and pulled at the cold war shoe strings of a begone era reminding us all that, in a blink of an eye, life can change.


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30 in 60 is an Over 30 Clan podcast targeted toward gamers and tech folks alike. We discuss news and happenings within our own community as well as the gaming and tech industries. We also partake in shenanigans, smartassery, and sprinkles of clustery fuckery.



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