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Welcome to Over 30 Clan
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Important Announcement!


If you're trying to join / register its highly recommend you view the FULL VERSION of the website. DO NOT USE THE MOBILE VERSION.

Simply registering on our site does not make you a member! EVERYONE must fill out an application (click 'apply' at the top of the page). Every application is reviewed by our community - this is done with the best intentions to keep our community jerk free. Regardless of the outcome you will receive an answer within 24 to 48 hours of submission.

If you just registered an account and you were brought here proceed to step one below.
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TLDR (too long didn't read) video version of the instructions

Welcome to the Over 30 Clan

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Who We Are:
We are more than a clan, we're a community, a brotherhood, and more importantly a family. The Over 30 Clan was founded in 2010 by The1UrLookin4. In early 2014 the reigns were handed over to BlackDeath who now owns and operates the community as a 501c non profit. To put it simply the Over 30 Clan is an online community for adults 30+ years old to share interests and play video games together. As we start 2017 we have over 900 registered members. Our ranks include all walks of life including single folks, moms, dads, veterans, you name it. All of whom are looking for a place to blow off some steam. We are a diverse community with members spanning the globe who game on various consoles / platforms (Xbox, Playstation, and even PC players). We have some REALLY talented gamers but that is NOT a requirement to join! Whether you want to have a few drinks and play casual or you're determined to melt faces we have something for everyone.

What We Do:
PTFO (Play The F@#%ing Objective). This is our clan motto. Have you ever rage quit over some clueless random(s) on your team? Do you typically mute your mic and/or turn off in game chat because the lobby sounds like the halls of a middle school? Well then the Over 30 Clan is for you! We focus on objective play, communication, team work, and most importantly having fun! We've made up silly challenges like riot shield and rocket launchers or tomahawk only classes, all while playing the objective and winning....often! We play, some of us drink / smoke, but we have fun!

What We Play:
The most popular game series we've been known to play: Call of Duty, Destiny, and Battlefield. This isn't to say that's all we play - just about everyone will take a break and try something new and different from time to time. In the past we've had events for GTA V, Forza, and even online Poker nights. Chances are if you post about a game you want to play on our forum you'll get some folks to join you.

Accolades / Accomplishments:
We were at one time ranked the #1 Heavyweight clan for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Domination game mode! We've also scrimmaged against some famous teams including players like oTrademark, Wickedscrapnel, and PWNSTARS. We're also a featured community on the Overdog app which you can find on the Xbox One store.

How do I join?

1) Be 30+ years old (In RARE instances we have made exceptions - this is why every applicant must be voted in by the community. If you don't make the cut please don't take it personal).
2) Register for an account
2) APPLY (must complete step 2, be logged in, click 'Apply' at the top of the page then scroll down to view the application questions ***an application is REQUIRED to become a member***

In order to become a part of the Over 30 Clan you must register an account on our forum (email validation required / CHECK YOUR SPAM). Once registered we require that you fill out a short application by clicking the Apply tab at the top. Complete step by step instructions can be found HERE (be sure to scroll down after following that link). The application process is a quick and easy way for everyone to get acquainted. Applications are typically processed within 24 to 48 hours. Until you are approved you'll have limited access to the site. If you're still in a "Validating" state you can post questions, comments, and concerns in the guest forum HERE.

If all else fails here's a step by step video on how to join.

Additional Information:
How to join the Over 30 Clan
I'm in now what?

Social Media / Contact Us:



-Community YouTube Playlist
-30 in 60 an Over 30 Clan Podcast (YouTube) and now on Soundcloud

Guest Message by DevFuse

So wondering how many here are still on ps3

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Just trying to get a feel and see how many are still playing ps3 here...ps4 is still distance away for me. I have and was a member here for quite some time and would like to rekindle my friendships again.... anyone that remembers me please give feedback to this... and also to me returning.....I don't get a lot of time in the forums like I used to but everyone knows I am a very active player... Thanks again and let me know through email or FB if it's cool that I can reapply.

- Reaver..........besides I still Rock my 30 decals on my Can't play with the Big Boys .... Stay on the Porch!
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Reaver was one of the original over 30 clan members and a very good guy, and I definitely welcome him back to the 30.
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Hi Reaver. Shouldn't be a problem for you coming back. There are still a few ps3 holdouts...
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Some people switch back and forth as well.  

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Reaver, I rarely slum on the ps3, welcome back
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Hay all i am around on ps3
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still play on the ps3 at times , long time since online but would be up for some shenanigans sometime.
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